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Azimuth Check Foundation
Azimuth Check Foundation
Azimuth Check Foundation

Azimuth Check Foundation

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Azimuth Check Foundation Coffee

Origin: Colombia
Peach, Plum, Pomegranate, Blackberry, Honey
Roast Level: 

Porcupine Coffee Roasting will donate $5 for every 12-oz Bag sold, and $2 for every Sample (4-oz) bag sold.


Last Update 11/22/22


  • Total 12-oz Bags Sold: 5
  • Total Sample (4-oz) Bags Sold: 2
  • The amount we can donate so far: $29


    • 11/2/22: First box of Green Coffee Beans has been Ordered!
    • 11/8/22: 65lbs of green coffee beans arrived!!
      • We hope to start roasting by Nov 10th!
    • 11/15/2022: Roasted the profile batch to see how to beans react in the roaster. 
    • 11/22/22: The first batches have been roasted!  Getting ready to ship!

    About Azimuth Check Foundation

    ACF believes that physical, mental, social, and emotional health must be nurtured to achieve wellness.

    ACF helps our injured warriors achieve wellness in an atmosphere of camaraderie by providing veterans with challenging and rewarding events, including; hiking, mountaineering, deep sea fishing, rock climbing, ice climbing, snowshoe hiking, sporting events & tournaments, and much more. 

    About the Coffee:

    Geography: Region Bolivar City, Antioquia
    Altitude: 2000 masl
    Producer: Juan David Cardona, Finca Los Alpes
    Variety: Caturra
    Processing: Natural Carbonic Fermentation

    From Genuine Origin Website:
    "Finca Los Alpes takes coffee transparency seriously. Producer Juan David Cardona is proud of the effort he put into this microlot, and his thorough procedure for his highly controlled natural carbonic fermentation process.

    Roughly 36,000 kilograms of cherry were harvested in Finca Los Alpes, Juan David’s 10-hectare farm in Antioquia situated at 2,000masl. The area is predominantly mountainous, and temperatures range from 12-28°C. After transferring the cherries to the Beneficio processing station, they pass through a floatation test to remove any defective coffee.

    The sorted cherries are then pre-fermented for 16 hours before entering the lactic fermentation phase, where they stay for 72 hours in hermetic baskets that are connected to a network of hoses. Carbon dioxide flows through the hoses, displacing any oxygen inside the baskets to develop an environment conducive to lactic acid development.

    During the 72-hour fermentation, Juan David monitors specific variables that include Brix degrees, pH, ppm, electrical conductivity, and temperature to maintain control over the oxygen-free environment. After fermentation is complete, he takes the cherries to the dehydration station to lower the moisture content from 56% to 9.5-11.5%. The coffee rests in a controlled atmosphere cellar with 15% humidity for 68 days.

    The result is an incredible 100% Caturra variety microlot with a comprehensive processing record that can be consistently reproduced harvest after harvest. Tasting notes of peach, plum, pomegranate, blackberry, and honey spring out of this bright coffee, gratifying Juan David’s meticulous efforts with an outstanding cup profile that everyone can enjoy."