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Haiti - May 23

Haiti - May 23

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Origin: Haiti

Bean Information from Burman Coffee Traders

Fantastic coffee from fantastic folks. 17/18 is strictly large-beaned coffee versus some of the offerings, which are not screened by size.

Half the crew organizing this coffee in Haiti live right here in Madison, Wi, they are called Singing Rooster. Singing Rooster is a non-profit that brings Haitian products (art, coffee, cocoa and more) direct to consumers and stores with 100% of the proceeds funneling back to the farmers and communities in Haiti.

Sure, its good to feel good about the beans you buy, but something just as important or even more important is the product itself; the coffee is beautiful, the quality of prep and consistency of the beans is up easily a couple of notches over most coffees. Clean cupping, clean screen with more money getting to the farmers and communities. A win-win in anyone’s book.

Tasting Notes:
A great medium to dark roast coffee. Robust and strong with an exotic more island premium sweet edge.  Lighter roasts get a cool semi-floral sweet tone upfront balanced with a little grassy caramel and slight hint of herbal spice, tasty but does not bring forth those awesome stronger chocolate notes that Haitian coffee is known for. As one progresses towards the darker roasts it  gets much fuller bodied and chocolaty (more bakers chocolate than milk) with just a little hint of floral acidity at the full city roast. Into 2nd crack its a rough and tumble cup with added smoky tones.

Region: Savane Zombie, South East Haiti – Fatima washing station 4265’, 
Surrounding Vegetation: banana, plantain, grapefruit, almond & citrus trees
Varietal = 100% Arabica  (Typica, Bourbon, Caturra & Catimore)