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The Wendy - April '22 COTM
The Wendy - April '22 COTM
The Wendy - April '22 COTM
The Wendy - April '22 COTM

The Wendy - April '22 COTM

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The Wendy
Origin: Ethiopia - Yergicheffe

  • FLAVOR: Floral, Green Tea, Honey
  • BODY: Light
  • ACIDITY: Medium
  • PROCESS: Washed

  • Named after Wendy Williams

    Wendy Williams is the host of The Wendy Williams Show and is a well-known TV Personality.
    Wendy was recently placed under a conservatorship by WELLS FARGO after her ex-financial advisor told the bank Wendy was of "unsound mind".  As a result, Wells Fargo froze her accounts that have several million dollars in them.  Wendy used these accounts to pay for court-ordered alimony to her ex-husband, pay her employees, and pay for her businesses.  

    Wells Fargo is working with several ex-employes and ex-doctors of Wendy's and using their information against her.  The bank petitioned the court to keep the documents sealed and to request that all communication about the case be handled through email instead of through the court system (seem sus?).  Wendy has even caught ex-managers using HER American Express Card in order to secure counsel AGAINST her!

    The thing is....WENDY IS OF SOUND MIND!!  Her family, friends, and many others all agree that she is of sound mind! 

    She has gone through all the hoops that Wells Fargo has asked of her (including getting documents notarized) in order to unfreeze her account, but yet they continue to keep HER money hostage.

    It doesn't matter whether you like Wendy or not, what matters is this woman's money is being STOLEN by WELLS FARGO and it CAN happen to all of us. 

    It is NEVER okay to take someone's liberties away, and that includes money!

    It's time to open our eyes as to what is really going on.  Big banks, big government, and big companies are all trying to convince us that they need to control us, and that is absolutely not okay.  

    #freewendy #investigatewellsfargo #unfreezewendy

    From Genuine Origin:

    Tasting Notes
    This organic Yirgacheffe has notes of bergamot, cocoa nib, jasmine, red plum and thyme, with balanced acidity and lightly satiny body. Especially long, lingering finish, complex and multi-faceted.

    About the Coffee
    Widely considered the birthplace of coffee, Yirgacheffe is a micro-region in Sidama, Ethiopia’s leading coffee-producing region. Its lush climate and mountainous topography are ideal for producing some of the finest Arabica coffees—fruity and floral, bright and balanced. The region is common for “garden coffee” production, where smallholder farmers grow fruits and vegetables alongside coffee - their primary cash crop. Most of the coffee grown in smaller plots of land are farmed using organic practices.