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The Britney & Decaf Brazil


  • Roasted 4 Batches of 1600g green
  • 16.34% loss from green to roasted. This loss tells me it could be a medium.
  • Approx. 15 12-oz bags available to be filled from this roast.
  • I went into the roast with my action plan, by the second roast I started to do a steady decrease in my heat instead of keeping it steady and then doing a drastic drop of heat. The beans seemed to react better and it smelled amazing when it had cooled.
  • I was totally rocking to Britney Spears songs as I roasted several batches!

Brazil - Mountain Water Process Decaf

  • Roasted 1 batch of 1600g green.
  • 15.13% loss from green to roasted = on the lighter end of medium
  • Approx. 3 12-oz bags can be filled
  • Decafs have been tricky for me. I tend to burn then because of how delicate they tend to be. I was planning on roasting it with the same heat settings as the Colombia, but at the last second I adjusted my heat down and decided to do a 30-second soak (leaving the heat off right when the beans drop into the drum, cools the drum down faster) to avoid scorching the beans. This was the 5th roast of the day so Millie was all warmed up. I followed the slow decrease method as I used for the Colombia and I am so happy I did! The beans didn't look or smell burnt to me! After resting and breathing overnight the beans have a really delish milk chocolate smell!