Become Ungovernable!

Barter with Us!

We love a good barter!

If you have your own small business and are open to trading/bartering your products/services for some amazing coffee, then lets talk!
There will be rules to follow, such as both parties agreeing on the price of items being bartered, when they will ship their product (including extra days in case the shipping date can't be met), and anything else to make sure both parties are happy with the agreement.
We base our barter prices on our retail prices (see our shop for prices).  It includes all coffee sold on the website and subscriptions.
Below are the Products and Services we are interested in, I'll update this page occasionally.  I'll also start including product and services we're NOT interested in, we don't want to waste anyone's time.
Do you have a product/service that isn't listed below? Then reach out to us!  We'll let you know if it's something that sparks our interest!
When we say "homemade" we mean, you made it with your own hands.  We love homemade products, even if it's made in the middle of a field in a shed!  Our coffee is Home Roasted in a shed!
 Services we're interested in:
Website Design Pictures
Printing Services Barn rebuilding help (NH Only)
 Items we're interested in:

Homemade soaps

Homemade moisturizers

House cleaning products Home grown Loofahs!

Seeds to plant in the garden

Homemade spices

Local produce (NH only)

Local Meats (NH only)

Local dairy products (NH only) (We love raw milk)

Hand dyed Yarn/Thread for knitting and cross stitching

Homemade haircare products

Homemade natural bug repellents

Food products that can be shipped without spoiling

Handmade jewelry
Books you've written (or are writing and want a test reader)


Send us a message below!

If you have a social media site (Instagram or X preferred) where you show your products being made, be sure to leave us your handles in the message so we can follow you! (We won't call you, we promise.  If you have to put a number in, make something up!)