Become Ungovernable!

About Us

Our Head Roaster - Porcupine Amber

Porcupine Amber is the owner and head roaster of Porcupine Coffee Roasting.

Amber has had a love for coffee roasting for several years, however due to life demands, she was never able to fully embrace the craft full time due to attending graduate school for Speech Pathology, moving to Texas, and then settling in New Hampshire with Porcupine Nick.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Amber gifted herself a Behmor Home Roaster for Christmas and the passion was reignited!

Fast forward to April 2021, Amber knew this was something she wanted to continue with and decided to order a MUCH larger (but not the biggest) roaster from Mill City Roasters!

This larger Roaster arrived in July 2021 and has been named "Millie". Millie allows Amber to roast 2kg (4.4 pounds) batches at a time! In a FULL day, Amber can roast over 100 pounds!

Why the porcupine?

The North American Porcupine is a relatively docile animal. As long as you don't threaten or annoy it, you can live in peace with this awesome animal.

If you threaten the porcupine, the first sign of defense is their quills going up. If you continue to poke at it after this point, they will make sure those quills stick! Let's just say, you'll think twice before poking a porcupine again!

In our current world, it often feels like we are constantly being poked by some sort of offender. After the past two years, and being poked far too many times, our quills are OUT and we are DEMANDING to live as freely as possible!


Our Mission

PCR believes that all people have a BASIC human right to live as FREELY as possible and to DEMAND that their choices be respected by EVERYONE.  This includes the freedom to choose what jobs we take, the freedom to choose what goes in and on our bodies, the freedom to choose what we do with our own hard earned money, and the freedom to offend. 

PCR is on a mission to bring awareness of those who are fighting to keep their civil liberties and to help those who have had their FREEDOMS unconstitutionally taken away (ie. through conservatorships/guardianships and/or trafficking).