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Gift 3-Months Coffee of The Month Club (Non Renewing)

Gift 3-Months Coffee of The Month Club (Non Renewing)

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Want to give yourself, your family, or a friend a 3-month subscription for coffee?
Sign them up today to be put on the list for the upcoming month!

We'll roast a bean from a different country/farm to create a delicious Single-Origin Cup.  For three months you or your loved one will receive a bag of our latest roast.

12-oz bags and 1.5-pound bags available!

When will the first bag ship?
The first Gifted Subscription bags will be shipped out by the 15th of the month you placed the order, if placed before the 15th.  Otherwise, the first bag will ship out shortly after receiving the order.

The 2 following bags will be shipped by 15th of the following months, unless otherwise informed by the Head Roaster via Email.

Why the 15th?
Our Head Roaster (Amber) always attempts to find the perfect roast profile for each bean the two weeks leading up to the 1st of the month. However, sometimes life happens and we might not be able to profile the roast until a few days before the 1st.

Shipping to our subscribers by the 15th allows Amber enough time to really fine-tune the roast profile so you receive the best flavor the coffee can offer.

FOR SPECIAL REQUESTS: Please contact for special shipping requests and we will do our best to accommodate.